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Irrepressible spirit, infectious laughter, love of life, … are not just any words but words used to paint a picture that embodies the precious yet short life of Zachary Nam Tran.

Six-year old Zachary tragically lost his life playing soccer on October 1, 2003 when a heavy metal goal fell on him. Zachary, a first grader at Hawthorn Option School in Vernon Hills, was full of life, energy, hope and touched everyone he met.

From an early age he was full of smiles and giggles that would brighten the day of those around him. He was a very determined little boy as he wanted to learn to ride his bike at age 3 and did so, he wanted to learn how to snowboard at age 6 and did so; he would spend hours forming Legos into the shapes he envisioned in his mind, no matter how unique and improbable. He was strong-willed and would negotiate with family and friends until a decision was reached, preferably in his favor. His passion for life was demonstrated as he met each day with energy and excitement for doing the things he loved most; climbing trees, swinging, and playing pretend with his big sister, playing baseball, hockey, and tag with his friends, enjoying board games and cooking with Mommy and backyard football with Daddy. Zack was full of bear hugs, ‘lion kisses’, and love for his family and friends.

Zachary, we miss you more than we can ever say.



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